Poverty is a serious problem of the world which has made the life a constant pain for the most of the human beings. Millions of people living on this planet are in such a state of mind that they do not know what to do and where to go to make both ends meet. In simple words the number of people larger than their food requirements is called over population. According to a report of World Bank the person earning less than 1.25 will be below the lowest line of poverty. It is alarming that the46 percent of the world population is facing  poverty at this time. The conditions in Pakistan are even worse. The greater part of our population which lives in villages is facing this curse whereas being an agricultural country the main source of the income depends on them. Now we are going to ponder over the causes of poverty.


The main cause of poverty is tremendous increase in population. Now people living  on this planet are more than ever before. It is becoming more and more difficult for the inhabitants of the world to make both ends meet. A large number of people sleep hungry all the night and wanders here and their in search of a job in the day which may satisfy their appetite.


Another big cause of poverty particularly in our country is illiteracy and ignorance. It is an open secret the nations who acquired knowledge especially of science and technology have become advanced and modern but on the other hand uneducated nations are lagging far behind them.


Abnormal conditions of some countries have also added to the poverty of there such as terrorism, disputes with other nations, floods, epidemics and diseases etc.


Power crisis is also another serious cause of poverty in the related countries as it is in Pakistan these days. It is harmful to almost all the resources of the country. It not only makes the government unstable but also makes the masses poorer and poorer.


Now some steps to eradicate the poverty are suggested as disappointment is not the solution of any problem rather it in itself is another big problem. They say,  where there is a will there is a way but prior to creating will power the realization of the seriousness and intensity of the situation is essential.


Serious efforts to check the rapid growth of the population must be made on the part of the government and that of every sensible citizen of the country. Unless  this  dangerous rate of increase in population is checked no effort to eradicate poverty can succeed.


Our educational system produces only clerks, teachers and such other servants who can do only a specific type of job. Now the government cannot provide jobs to all the educated people so it is need of the hour to open teaching institutes for the technical  and professional education . In this way the successful students will be able to earn a respectable living after completion of their technical education.


The government should take immediate steps to eradicate poverty from the country. Jobs may be provided to jobless youth. Easy may given to the jobless to run their own business .Farmers may also be helped in shape of subsidy and agricultural loans and law and order may be restored to encourage foreign investors  to invest in the country/ if all these steps are taken sincerely the poverty can be eradicated and the march to the destination of prosperity can be started.

Growing poverty, increasing unemployment, and sectarian violence are among the many problems which have become a part of life in Gilgit Baltistan specially back work area just like Kharmang. With no government help reaching the public, people have no option but accept their fate . Our NGO try to decrease poverty in  Kharmang