Socio-economic and political empowerment of marginalized groups and communities, especially women, youth and children through mobilization, organization, capacity development, and advocating for their rights and entitlements

  1. To promote Women Education in the region & bringing women on equal position with male in literacy rate.
  2. Elimination of poverty through women Empowerment establishing Vocational Training Centers.


  1. To generate employment opportunities for women.
  2. To established & maintain educational, vocational and basic Health Centers for women.
  1. To ensure the more participation of women in the economic development and income generation through different capacity building programs.
    1. To established maternity & basic health center for women in every villages.
  2. Creating awareness among the mass about the right of women through eliminating the old stereotype perception of women in the society.
  1. To encourage & help out women for establishment of small enterprises.
  2. Advocacy for the rights of women.
  3. Creating awareness through mobilization of mass against child abuse and labor.
  1. Manage for adult education & family planning.
  2. To work for the relief of people in time of emergency like earth quake, flood etc
  1. To work against the sexual, physical & domestic violence on women.

• To enable women to acquire great access to knowledge, resources and institutions;
• To influence attitudes and behavior for a social environment responsive to women’s concerns and people-centred issues;
• To facilitate citizens’ active participation in the process of social change and governance at all level.